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About the Project

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Origins of Project

This project originally began as the final project for a Digital Humanities course at Carleton University. We had a week where we focused on the capabilities of sound in producing different knowledges of spaces and time. I began to think about the sounds that accompany my every day actions. It was impossible to ignore the silence that accompanies social-distancing when you live alone. I wondered if my experiences of sound during this time was unique, or similar to those I know. I collected my own recordings of the sounds around me, and reached out to my connections to see who would be interested in contributing to my project.

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Reflections on Album

There was a lot of similarities in the experiences of those I know who contributed sounds to my project. As you listen to the album, it is apparent that many people have recorded outside sounds, like the wind outside or the sound of a walk. People have spent more time outdoors as a reprieve from the isolation indoors. Similarly, a lot of people sent monotonous sounds within their homes, like that of their printer or coffee maker. Even though their were similarities, I enjoyed the unique sounds that I was sent, like that of Donna's birds in her house. This project made me aware of the connections and differences of my communities' experiences of living during COVID, and has only made me more curious the further insights that could be gleaned from other individuals' sounds.

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Interested in participating?

I would love to make this a larger-reaching project! If you have a sound that you would like to add to the album, please contact me through the link below! Or, please reach out to me through my email at the bottom of the page.

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About the Creator

Samantha Holmes

Project created for DIGH 5000A: Issues in Digital Humanities

Graduate Student at Carleton University

September 2020-April 2022

MA in Public History- Specialization in Digital Humanities

Bachelor of Arts: McGill University

September 2016-April 2020

BA in Art History and History

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